Ventura Custom Made Leather Watch Strap 18mm Black/Silver


If you have been searching for a Ventura strap that is the most faithful to the 1957 original, I have great news for you! We have partnered with a fellow collector who has developed a modern technique to reproduce the highly desirable two-tone gilded straps. After two years of research and experimentation with different leathers, adhesives, and types of gold, Mr. Hernandez has produced the closest strap I have seen to the ones used for just a few short months on the original Ventura watches.

Every step in the production of these bands is done by hand (cutting, shaping, gold application, hole punching, and finishing) and each strap is signed by Hernandez.

Keeping to the original strap style, the leather is pliable with a thickness just under 2mm, and the keeper is single wide. The yellow gold applique is 22K, which is the closest match to the original band's color. For the fortunate owners of white Ventura watches, a silver option is available as well. Unlike other replica bands that have been produced in the past, which had a fragile gold coating and were often too long in length, our new straps are more durable and the length can be customized.

I sold my last original NOS Ventura strap for $1500. A faithful-to-original replica strap for $295 is a smart investment for collectors who want the same look and feel. Collectors who already have an original will be relieved to swap the replica on their Ventura to save the original strap from wear, tear, and possible devaluation.  

By the way, these distinctive two-tone straps look equally impressive on Pacers as well as many other Hamilton Electrics.

Please note:

– Care of these straps is still to be taken. Do not use cleaners or polishes on them.
– These straps are custom made by hand, so small variations exist.
– Order early. Since these are custom-made by one artisan, there may be a backlog of orders. A waitlist may be necessary, with orders filled in the order they are received.

Guaranteed to arrive in fine working order, or your money back, or return for a refund for any reason within 7 days if not satisfied.  I am an NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) member and stand behind what I sell.

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