Destinations in life always have an interesting path behind them...

Since my youth, I have always been fascinated by all things mechanical.  From bicycles and cars to dirt bikes and motorcycles, I've always loved figuring out how things run and fixing them when they did not.

I graduated pharmacy school in 1998 and was enjoying a successful career in pharmacy when I first came to appreciate watches. I discovered the tiny machines inside watches and was hooked. I began spending my spare time reading repair manuals, buying tools, consulting with mentors, and practicing repair on pocket watches and wrist watches.

Fate placed me in my small home town on the same day that my best friend heard an advertisement on our local radio "trading post" that a bag of watches was for sale. Inside the bag was a Hamilton Electric Pacer, and thus began my journey to make this watch run.

I contacted the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors' message board for information and was told that I should send the watch to René Rondeau in California for restoration. I was a bit resigned at that point, not wanting to damage the watch. My wife, knowing my curiosity so well, encouraged me to attempt the repair.

I had no repair manual for the Hamilton Electric, but carefully disassembled the watch and found corrosion from battery leakage on the index wheel. I cleaned the corrosion, reassembled the watch and was able to make it run. I still have that watch and always will.

The combination of case design and principles of physics that power Hamilton Electrics, led me to meet and train under René Rondeau, and eventually acquire his business when he retired in 2015. I slowly moved out of my pharmacy career, as René had moved from his former career, to full time restoration and sales of these historic watches.

I feel truly blessed to be in this career I enjoy so much, and my goal is to make each of my clients' experience with these watches as enjoyable as mine.

-- Jarett Harkness