Art Deco Cabaret China NOS Dishes by Noritake, 1984 Inspired by 1920's Imperial Hotel, Japan

Frank Lloyd Wright designed over 600 buildings in his lifetime (1867-1959). Wright's innovative designs were always based on strong geometric forms. The Imperial household of Japan commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright in 1913 to design a Western style hotel for an important location in Tokyo. Construction of the Imperial Hotel began in 1917 and was completed in 1922. Wright created every detail including the elegantly geometric dinnerware pattern to be used in the hotel. The production of this special design was entrusted to the Noritake Company, the world's largest manufacturer of quality porcelain. For a very limited edition, Heinz & Company and the Noritake Company agreed to once again produce dinnerware in 1984 inspired by the Imperial Hotel. Heinz & Company was established in 1976 for the purpose of reproducing selected masterpieces designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Each piece has been carefully researched in order to remain faithful to the original design, materials, and production processes in its execution. You are purchasing the 1984 Imperial Hotel Inspired dinnerware seven piece place setting made by Noritake. The asymmetrical, yet rhythmically geometric pattern is a harmonious arrangement of concentric, tangential, and overlapping circles. Every possible circular configuration is expressed. A strong red circle dominates the design which is foiled against the simple white porcelain background and is surrounded by a pale yellow band. Adjacent are pastel blue and green circles. The Imperial Hotel logo is at the top of the design in 18 karat hand painted gold. The red circle and yellow band extend into the bowl of the cup. The seven piece place setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, soup bowl, salad bowl, cup and saucer. Sizes of each piece are listed in the 1984 advertisement by Heinz & Company, as seen in the photos. Listing is for one seven piece setting, but twelve or more may be purchased. The box you will receive is still sealed with the original seal from Noritake with one seven piece place setting inside. Please contact us for international shipping rates.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel dinnerware is a wonderful example of the Art Deco Era (1915-1945) and goes naturally with his American Arts and Crafts style. You could say that the Art Deco movement was fostered by Wright's experiences in Japan, from which Art Deco style was inspired, while designing the Imperial Hotel and The Imperial Hotel dinnerware. To fully appreciate the rarity and value of these leading Art Deco pieces please search other sites. Some used pieces can be found and the prices reflect their historical value.

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