Bulova Accutron Platinum Watch With Integrated Bracelet


This is a great looking Circa 1961 All Platinum Bulova Accutron watch that sets (from the back) and runs great. It keeps excellent time and is Fully Serviced. The watch is phased to run accurately and reliably with a standard 1.55 volt modern battery. It has the early 214 model movement that gives the case a really clean look with no visible crown. Likely, fewer than a dozen of these watches were made, since the original price in 1961 was reported to be $2500, which translates to around $20,000 in today's money. This platinum example would be the crown jewel of an Accutron collection.

Hamilton felt it was in a race to release the first battery powered watch. Little did they know that the Accutron was to be released several years after the Hamilton Electric. The Accutron was a complete departure from traditional watches and benefited from lessons learned from Hamilton's hasty release of the Electric. The history of these watches makes them great conversation pieces and great additions to an electric watch collection.

BRAND:  Bulova Accutron Platinum Case/Integrated Bracelet

GENDER:  Mens 

CASE:  All Platinum

CASE BACK:  Screw-down ring, marked Bulova, Irid. Platinum, Patented, Waterproof, D43505, M1 (dating the watch to 1961)

BAND/BRACELET:  Original Platinum Bracelet

MOVEMENT:  Bulova's Accutron Tuning Fork, marked Bulova 214, U.S.A.

SIZE:  32mm

CROWN:  Excellent, Found on Back of Model 214

CONDITION:  Excellent

     CRYSTAL:  Excellent, with no cracks 

     CASE:  Excellent, All Platinum (including setting mechanism, battery cover, and case ring)

     DIAL:  Original Finish, with a great uniform patina

     HANDS:  Excellent

     BAND:  Original

Guaranteed to arrive in fine working order, or your money back, or return for a refund for any reason within 7 days if not satisfied. I am a NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) member and stand behind what I sell.

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