Time For America: Hamilton Watch, 1892-1992


Time for America: Hamilton Watch 1892-1992” by Don Sauers is a first printing (no statement of a later printing), published by Sutter House in 1992. There are 315 excellent pages with foreword, introduction, 155 color illustrations, 224 b/w/ illustrations, appendixes, and index, in a 6-7/8”W x 9-7/8”H format.

"This book has been published in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Hamilton Watch Company. It is a story of product innovation and unwavering craftsmanship. It is also one of family— a close-knit family of management and employees working as a team to design and manufacture one of America’s most revered product lines.

As the story develops it quickly becomes evident that Time for America is more than a history of one company. It is the story of the American watch industry— how it has struggled to survive against rising labor costs, heavier taxation, reduced tariffs and the resulting fierce competition from overseas. As such, it might serve well as a microcosm of the problems facing all domestic industries in the 1990s.

One result of Hamilton’s steadfast dedication to product quality has been the growth of a very active body of watch collectors—specifically, Hamilton collectors— all over the world. With this ever-growing group in mind, this book includes illustrations of nearly 370 different historic and/or collectible Hamilton watches—more than 155 of these are reproduced in full color. In addition, it provides a wealth of previously unpublished information about the ups and downs of making and marketing these fine timepieces.

As the official history of Hamilton it will be of interest to students of business and horology as well as to lovers of Americana and collectors of rare, vintage watches.


The Right Product at the Right Time

The Pre-Hamilton Watchmakers

The Pounding Fathers—1892-1910

The Miller Years-1910-1931

Depression and War—1931-1943

Hamilton Speaks—Advertising and Public Relations

Introduction to Color Plates

  Guide to Codes and Abbreviations—Color Plates

Expansion and Diversification-1949-1939

New Faces, New Policies—1960-1971

Recovery and Swiss Ownership—1972-1980

Hamilton Today —Back to Basics


  A Trip through the Factory

  Catalog Page Reproductions and Miscellaneous Exhibits

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